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Name:Edward Elric
Birthdate:Jan 31
This first thing players will need to know, because their characters might notice:

This Ed has an older look to him, and dresses as Ed does in Germany (Conqueror Of Shambala). He has four flesh limbs, as there is no alchemy in his world therefore no forbidden transmutation took place. He's pretty mellow for an Ed, although he can be riled up - especially by other Eds or anything he considers 'ignorant'. He's a bit taller than canon Ed, and never had to deal with an onslaught of short jokes so they will have no affect. Or, he may just look at you like you're crazy.

Okay, now onto the in depth stuff...

The Oedipus Complex is when a child strongly favors the parent of the opposite sex and openly resents the other parent, usually when the child is between the ages of three and five.

Background: A citizen of the Middle Class, Trisha kept her light haired sons safely guarded from discovery - leaving them with a couple who recently lost their own daughter to a caretaker in the Upper Class while she had to work. It wasn't long before she fell ill, however, and the couple who watched the boys simply could not take them on, full time. The boys were discovered by law enforcements and an attempt was made to contact their father.

The boys' father was found to be living on the Upper Class - a regular at the cafe that Trisha worked at - with his eldest son, William. Once the three adjusted to the new set up, they became inseparable. Although the middle child, Edward developed quite the caretaker personality, watching out for both of his brothers as much as getting into trouble with them. William led the way, and Ed made sure that Alphonse went ahead of him to keep the other two from getting caught, and putting himself at the greatest risk - as his first priority was always watching out for the other two, as his name implied. Although the children were raised well and happy, Edward developed a growing resentment towards their father, for leaving their mother behind and then taking them from her - especially when she needed a family, most.

Eventually the youngest of the three, Alphonse was determined by JUPITER to be too dark haired to remain in the Upper Class, and was sent back to the Middle Class to remain with his mother once she was well enough to care for a child again.

Edward and William did not take this split well, becoming even more co -dependant on each other after the loss and - whether a side-effect of this turn of events, or simply a result of age - getting into even more mischeif together than ever before.

William eventually left of his own accord, leaving Edward alone in the care of Hohenheim. The older boy assured him that he would return, offering a momento for the younger Elric to hold onto until he could come back. Sworn to secrecy and trusting that his brother would return, Ed never told Hohenheim that he witnessed the boy leaving in the dead of night - even if he was left distressed that the search for his brother turned up nothing. After all, anyone that wanted to remain hidden in the Lower Class was as good as gone forever.

Hohenheim's habit of favoring Edward may have been obvious to the boy's older sibling, but Ed remained oblivious as his resentment for his father grew with time - will of JUPITER or not, he was convinced that the man was responsible for the destruction of his family. Maybe it was guilt, maybe it was in hopes to appease the only son he had left, whatever the reason Hohenheim assured that Edward was granted everything his heart desired. Like his brother before him, Edward wanted for nothing that wasn't in the way of education.

He was placed in the best school available to him, sparing no time for what others considered 'enjoyment' as the blond was happier with his head in a book than anywhere else. He liked to learn and he was quick at it, when studying could be done, he wasted no time on anything else. During the free time he did have, Edward trained in martial arts for self defense, and learned what he could in the ways of weaponry. Even though the Upper Class was offered a wide variety of technology with weapons the lower classes could only dream of, the blond favored the more old fashioned. He learned how to operate guns, and used them when times called for it - but his weapon of choice always fell into another category all together. Knives, swords and spears were Ed's trademark weapons; his favorite to use, and the ones he handled the best.

Graduating at the age of sixteen was an easy task for someone who focused all of their time and energy on their studies. Edward enlisted in the military as soon as he as able, determined to use the resources available to find his missing family members - and trying to form equality between the classes, convinced that with proper education hair color wouldn't determine superiority.

Smart as he was, it wasn't long before Edward found himself in Intelligence. The blond was in charge of looking into matters on all three levels - sometimes provided with wigs or hair dye to better fit into the 'role' required to get the information needed.

During his time off, Edward also helped with volunteer work - taking care of, and providing entertainment for, children of all classes. When he wasn't on the job, he could be found at the church John Brown worked at and helping out with providing them with food and assuring that the shelter was in proper living condition for anyone that needed a place to stay. If he could pass it off as something research related, sometimes Ed even stopped in while on the job.

No one knew that Edward used the military resources to better aid his own goal to find his brothers and mother, wherever they may be now. With how thin the lines were between the desire to find his family, the volunteer hours he put in with the church, and the blond's actual work following JUPITER's will - the three bled together quite often.

His own personal gain came first, but he was careful not to go directly against the law - too cautious to risk losing the benefit provided by his position, or worse.

Personality: Raised in the Upper Class as was appropriate for blonds, Edward's arrogance led him to believe himself superior to those of darker hair colors, although he never viewed the citizens of those classes as lesser people - only uneducated. Ed sincerely believed that given proper education, everyone would be on the same level and did what he could behind the scenes to encourage equality between the levels.

He was born a genius, quick to learn as was common for members of the Elric family, and an excellent teacher - which he put to use, educating the children he spent time with at the church as much as was allowed. His ability to learn quickly and natural talent and skill is what landed him in the military at such a young age, providing him with the resources he needed to accomplish his goal.

Edward was stubborn, refusing to give up on his search for his siblings or the volunteer work that had him mingling with those of lower classes no matter who told him to do it, or what their reasoning.

He inherited the kindhearted and gentle ways of his mother, managing to be a giving individual and working well with children despite his short temper and sometimes hostile nature - children seemed incapable of making him angry, even when pressing all of the 'right' buttons.
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